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Snader Racing to move to Trans-Am 2 in 2013 Season

Thursday, August 16, 2012

After what felt to be adequate time in club racing with SCCA, Snader Racing has decided its time to jump off the deep end, and go Pro Racing. With a conscious budget in mind, Tom and Austin closely evaluated the most cost effective form or road racing available today for the young driver. It came down to two a close decision between Playboy Cup, using Spec. Mazda MX-5s, and Trans-Am 2.

Trans-Am 2, Is a limited preparation class with cost effectiveness in mind without shortcutting performance capabilities all while using "Real" Race Cars. V8 Power, circle track technology, and inexpensive yet durable tires, Snader Racing agreed, there was no better bang for the buck.

"The decision to pursue Trans-Am 2 is motivated by many factors. The first thing that interested me was how new the class is in relationship to the car count and attention its getting. Car counts are on par with the big boys in Trans-Am and I have a sneaky suspicion that it will one day outgrow Trans-Am. The second thing, is the new ownership of the series. With the new ownership, I firmly believe in talking with Tom Vancamp, that he has a vision of what he wants to become of Trans-Am and he has surrounded him with the right people to make it happen."

Austin chuckled slightly after being asked: "...So it has nothing to do with the type of cars?"

In his response he mentioned, "In all respect to Mazda, whom I feel very loyal to, and will always have a Rotary Engine beating in my heart, Buzzy four cylinders, dont put fans in the seats. Fire breathing V8's do. A fire breathing V8 is America's soundboard"

after some exchanged conversation, he continued by saying: "If you can have the tight battled, close racing paralleled with the Playboy Cup, with a spec series like Trans-Am for the same money, and draw a bigger crowd, and have V8 Power, Its a no-brainer..."

Snader Racing is currently performing a resurrection and metamorphosis of an ex Grand Am series, GT car. Previously driven by Team Sahlen, and Horizon Motor sports, the GTO-R will soon one day Live again.

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