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2010-2011 Off-Season

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It was time to get things started right for the 2011 season for Snader Racing with the 2010 season ending with less than desirable results. It was time to pick up where the success left off.

After the tragic ending to the 2010 season there was a necessity for some hard work in the offseason. There was a new canvas to paint and new ideas to form. In the course of about two and a half months Snader Racing erected a new car from a willing donor. Luckily the car was a flood victim so the interior had already been stripped and the motor had been pulled. Snader Racing finished the gutting and went as far as cutting the roof off to transplant the roll cage from the previous car in order to save a good bit of time and money. The 2010 car did sustain a fair amount of damage just in a centralized corner. Three corners of suspension survived along with the entire drive train and electrical harness. Most all of the car survived the impact with the exception of the tub/frame.

This wreck may have been a blessing in disguise, in the 2010-2011 offseason Snader Racing had time to make a lot of desirable improvements. Crucial things that primarily removed weight from the car, because of a rule change for the RX8’s for the 2011 season. SCCA opted to remove 50lbs from the RX8’s to provide a better power to weight ratio. Snader Racing is hoping that it will help the car provide improved results.